I was working in a pet project that consists of creating a 2048 game and then create an AI that plays the game and tries to win it

Creating the 2048 game

The 2048 original game it’s open source and its source code can be found here. Anyway I choose to fork another repository, a 2048 clone implemented using React and rewrite the code to ES2015

Why do I use React? Because one of my New Year Resolutions is to learn ES2015 and using React I have a good chance of kill two birds with one stone, first I learn React and second I practice ES2015, a win win

In this first post I’ll give you the starting point but the AI part will be in the next post

The whole project is packed with Webpack and in order to serve the static content from Bluemix I use node-static

If you want to play the game you can do it here: http://2048react.mybluemix.net

You can fork the project from Github